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The Burma Action Committee is an activist group that works to raise awareness about Burma and promote the Burmese democracy movement locally in Portland, Oregon. We collaborate with the local Burmese exile community, plan fundraising and awareness raising events, and give talks about Burma.

Some of our activities include:

  • Creating and editing flyers and petitions for local Burmese activists.
  • Publicizing and attending Burma protests and demonstrations in downtown Portland.
  • We organized a fundraising dinner in 2007 that raised $600 dollars in seed funding to start a community library and safe-house for Arakanese refugees in Bangladesh.
  • We organized a fundraising event that raised nearly $2,000 for humanitarian relief in Burma after Cyclone Nargis in cooperation with Green Empowerment and The Monkey & The Rat. The money was distributed to grass-roots Burmese organizations providing relief aid.
  • Give presentations and talks about Burma to classes and organizations upon request.

The Burma Action Committee also has a mailing list for Burma-related news and events in Oregon. You can view and subscribe to the list here: Oregon Burma List. News, events, and information will also be posted to this blog, so check back often or subscribe to our feed!

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